This school is being extended by constructing an additional floor on each existing school block. Through this extension project, which is spread over 2,500 square meters, we are adding 13 normal classes, as well as 8 laboratories for science subjects, 2 classes for home economics and classes for engineering. At the same school we have already developed new laboratories and workshops for various vocational subjects including information technology, catering and hospitality, hairdressing and beauty care, media literacy, and textiles and fashion. Through the teaching of vocational subjects, students are being better prepared for the world of work.

Apart from the school extension project, this project also includes the complete refurbishment and modernisation of the existing school. The school is being made accessible to all students, through the construction of several lifts throughout the building.

This project is being carried out in different phases and most works, including those on the lecture blocks, have already been completed. The next phase of the project includes the landscaping of the outdoor areas, including the outdoor sports facilities, as well as the construction of a new boundary wall around the school.