Uploaded on 22/07/2022

After deficiencies in the works that were being done on the new St. Therese College Msida Primary School, the FTS took the necessary steps with the aim of ensuring that the work is one of quality, according to the skills and standards, so that the country gets value for the money it is paying.

This led to demolition works on parts that were already built. During the past months, the FTS made an analysis of the situation and ended the contractual relationship with the architect who was in charge of the project. The FTS has not only assigned the work to a different firm of architects but is taking the necessary steps for the architect who was responsible for these deficiencies to make good and be held legally responsible.

Meanwhile, during this process the FTS and the Ministry for Education received suggestions in relation to the school’s parking, and once these circumstances arose, these suggestions could be met. Therefore, the car park is being extended and the parking spaces will double.

FTS remains determined to offer new schools of the highest standards and to ensure you get value for money.