Uploaded on 23/09/2022

The Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools (FTS) achieved the HR Quality Mark, which is a standard developed by the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD).

The objective of the HR Quality Mark is to recognise organisations for their Human Resources competence and professionalism. The aim of the HR Quality Mark is to acknowledge:

• Good practices that maximise employee engagement as part of the strategy and operations of the organisation.
• Organisations which invest in the ongoing learning and development of their employees to improve overall individual, team and organizational performance.
• HR performance and reward practices which add value to the organisation.
• HR practices that are meant to ensure equality, inclusion, fairness, and the well-being of employees at the workplace.

The HR Quality Mark encourages entities to invest in their human resource practices to attract, engage and retain a productive and talented workforce, thereby generating business returns.

The HR Quality Mark is awarded following a rigorous external evaluation of HR practices. The evaluation enables applicant entities to gauge the strengths of their HR function and note the areas for improvement.

FTS was assessed on the following content areas:

1. HR Policies and Practices
2. Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management
3. Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards
4. Employment and Industrial Relations
5. Performance Management
6. HR Information Systems
7. People Training and Development

Following the rigorous external evaluation by experts in the field of Human Resources, FTS was awarded the HR Quality Mark in August 2022. The FTS is officially recognised for its effective practices in the field of Human Resources.