During its first eleven and one-half years (11.5) years, FTS completed projects aggregating in total costs of one hundred and thirteen (113) million euro (an average annual investment of circa 10 million euro); between 2001 and 2010 funded by directly by Government and between 2011 and 2013 funded by a revolving bank loan facility in turn serviced by Capital Votes from the annual National Budgets for those years.

The major projects delivered to the Ministry during the first part of FTS’s first years (2001 to 2007) included:


  • St. Thomas More College Primary School, Marsaskala (2001-2005)

Additional classes, structural refurbishment followed by a new third floor.


  • Claire College Girls’ Secondary School, Pembroke (2001-2014)

Major structural services and finishing works to convert a former military hospital into a school designed to take 750 students.


  • St. Theresa College Secondary School, L-Imrieħel (2003-2004)

Extension of classrooms.


  • Nicholas College Primary School, L-Imġarr (2003-2005)

A new hall and major refurbishment of both existing buildings and recreational areas.


  • St. Benedict College Primary School, L-Imqabba (2003-2007)

Phased project covering additional class rooms, new hall and extension of recreational facilities.


  • St. Ignatius College Primary School, Ħal Luqa (2004)

Doubling of the school size by adding a second floor and a comprehensive upgrading of both buildings and recreational areas.


  • St. Benedict College Boys’ Secondary School, Ħal Kirkop (2005-2008)

An entirely new three storey complex of 11,000m2.


  • St. Thomas More College Adelaide Ċini Girls’ Secondary School, Il-Ħamrun (2005-2006)

Comprehensive structural services and finishing of all academic and recreational facilities.


  • St. George Preca College Boys Secondary School, Il-Ħamrun (2003-2004)

Complete refurbishment of existing buildings and recreational areas.


  • St. Ignatius College Primary School, Is-Siġġiewi (2006)

Complete refurbishment of old school and construction of an addition floor over the entire school.


  • St. Benedict College Primary School, Ħal Safi (2006-2008)

New hall and library and upgrading of all areas.


  • Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, In-Naxxar (2006)

New lecture block of 3,600m2 indoor area and 1,800m2 outdoors.


  • St. Ignatius College Boys’ Secondary School, Ħal Qormi (Tal-Ħandaq) (2007-2012)

Completely new 8,000m2 building on four floors with 12,000m2 of recreational areas.


  • Sports Complex, Ħal Kirkop (2008)

Completely new 2,400m2 sports facilities built on two floors and an open plan structure hall.


The major projects delivered to the Ministry and Education Division during the second part of FTS’s first years (2008 to early 2013) included:


  • St. Margaret College Boys’ Secondary School, Bormla (Verdala Barracks) (2008)

Complete reconstruction of the former Ġużeppi Despott Junior Lyceum.


  • Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School, Victoria (2008-2009)

Major new four storey school for 1,000 students.


  • Maria Reġina College Boys’ Secondary School, Il-Mosta (Ta’ Żokrija) (2008)

Major new school on 14,000m2, including sports facilities.


  • St. Claire College Primary School, Pembroke (2009)

New 3,500m2 two storey building, 5,500m2 recreational facility and a childcare centre.


  • St. Ignatius College Girls’ Secondary School, Ħal Qormi (Tal-Ħandaq) (2010-2012)

Major new school on 20,000m2 for 1,000 students.


  • Halls within the Primary Schools of L-Imqabba, Ħal Kirkop and Marsaxlokk.

These projects included the construction of new school halls which may also be used by the         community at large.


  • MCAST Campus, Paola (20112013)

Government had engaged FTS as the design and project manager of the MCAST Campus project which was intended to be constructed and finished in various phases.  The first phase consisted of three new buildings: Institute of Applied Science, Institute of Business and Commerce, and students’ facilities building.  Also included in this project was an underlying car park for 575 cars covering an area of 20,000m2.


  • Childcare Centre, San Ġwann (2013)

FTS was involved in the refurbishment of State-owned and managed childcare centres in Siġġiewi, Ħal Qormi, St. Venera, Marsa, Ħal Għargħur, Ħal Luqa, Paola, Bormla and Naxxar.