This project involves the demolition of the existing school and the construction of a completely new school on the same site. The new school will have about 40 classes, of which some will be dedicated for specific subjects, such as personal and social development, arts, music, science, literacy, and ethics. The school will also have a childcare center, a public library and a hall that will accommodate about 300 people. The public library, the hall and even an amount of recreational space will be able to be used by the local community after school hours. The size of the entire school, including recreational areas, will be 10,000 square meters.

The new school will have two innovative features for schools in our country. The concept of ‘outdoor classroom environment’ will be introduced where there will be an outdoor space where educators will be able to do certain outdoor lessons. In this space there will be special furniture where children can sit in a round circle. This space will be roofed with a tent and will be surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. Another innovative concept is the creation of a ‘green wall’ on one of the school’s facades. This facade will be lined with a vertical garden. This idea will also be extended to the yards of the same school.

The FTS decided to keep part of the façade of the old school, designed by renowned Maltese Architect Renato La Ferla in the 1950s, and incorporate it as a design in the new building.

This project is funded under the NextGenerationEU Programmes by means of Malta’s Recovery and Resilience Plan.