Until recently, the St. Nicholas College Primary School at Rabat, Malta, was operating from two different buildings within the same locality. The aim of this project is twofold. One is for the school to start operating from one building, and the other is to offer modern, accessible and comfortable educational spaces for our children and educators.

The new school will have 33 classrooms, including classrooms for specific subjects such as art, music and Personal, Social and Career Development (PSCD). Ten classrooms will be for kindergarten level.

The school will also have an indoor gymnasium, outdoor recreation spaces, a multi-sensory room, an industrial kitchen and a dining area for pupils that attend to the ‘Breakfast Club’.

As part of the project we are installing new services, including new electricity, water and sewerage service, security cameras, internet connectivity, alarm, and fire safety services. The school will have new furniture aimed at encouraging teaching and learning inclusion. In the building we are also introducing energy efficient measures as required by law.

The new school will be accommodating about 400 children.

The project is currently at construction stage.