Uploaded on 22/07/2022

The Planning Authority approved the FTS application for the construction of an extension and the modernisation of the Mellieħa Primary School, which forms part of Maria Regina College, and which will be carried out with an investment of approximately €18 million. This is another investment in the educational infrastructure from which children and their educators will benefit directly.

The project is intended both to expand the school in this growing locality, as well as to modernise the school with modern, accessible, and comfortable educational spaces for students and educators. In fact, this development will accommodate a larger number of students than the existing school and will also see to it that the building meets the requirements for schools in terms of security and open spaces among others. With this development, the school will be able to accommodate around 700 pupils.

The approved application proposes a change in the layout and use of the existing rooms and proposes a new extension to the south of the complex. This extension will include an underground car park and a three-storey extension above ground level that includes a recessed building.

Eight new kindergarten classes and 26 new classes for the primary level will be built in the new building. The school will also have facilities for educators and ancillary service workers, a First Aid room, a guidance room, a library, a gym, and a hall. The gym and hall will be able to be used by the local community after school hours and will therefore have separate entrances.

The new building will also have space for a childcare centre that can accommodate about 40 children.