Santa Luċija Secondary School, which forms part of St. Thomas More College, was built in the nineties. It was opened without a theatre hall and subsequently the students and educators at the school had to use a venue outside the school complex whenever there was a need to use a theatre hall.

FTS built a theatre with a seating capacity of approximately 450 people. Adjacent to it, FTS constructed a sports complex for multiple sports disciplines. On the roof, FTS developed a garden which increased the recreational outdoor space for students and educators. These facilities have separate entrances from the school so that they may be used by the local community outside school hours.

In the complex we’ve also introduced energy efficient measures such as wall insulation, double-glazed apertures, solar water heaters and photovoltaic panels.

The project was done with an investment of approximately €4.6 million and was ready for use at the beginning of the 2023-24 scholastic year.