On its twentieth anniversary, the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools (FTS) is launching its new logo as part of a re-branding exercise. The re-branding also includes the development of a new website.

The symbol in the logo has visual references to the “F”, “T” and “S”. The negative space between the two graphics forms an “S” shape, while also forming the shape of steps going upwards, symbolising a positive educational pathway of growth.

The two right-angled shapes form a bright and colourful space together with green and pink in the middle, symbolising the vibrant schools themselves and the environmental focus of the renovation work.

The use of shadows within the symbol gives it depth and further highlights the internal space within the logo. These shadows also create a trompe l’oeil effect within the logo, making the step look like it flats between the corner shapes of the logo.

The colours selected are varied and contrasting, all placed within two “holding shapes”. This portrays
the inclusive and comprehensive style of education.