This project involves the extensive refurbishment of the existing primary school, as well as the construction of a new block adjacent to the same school. The project is intended both to expand the school in this growing locality, as well as to offer modern, accessible and comfortable educational spaces for our children and educators.

In the new building we will be creating 8 new classes for kindergarten and 26 new classes for the primary level. This building will also have facilities for educators and staff providing ancillary services, a First Aid room, a guidance room, a library, a gym, and a hall. The gymnasium and the hall will be available for use by the local community after school hours and will therefore have separate entrances.

This project will be reflecting the Government’s policy of promoting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities through the education strategy by which education authorities are taking initiatives to address the different needs, interests and abilities of children.

These initiatives are reflected in this project with the creation of additional classes for the teaching of vocational subjects, science, art and music, as well as personal and social development. At this school we will be opening a multi-sensory class for the therapy of children who need it.

In the new building we will also be creating space for a new childcare centre.

When the project is complete, the school will be able to accommodate about 700 children, while the childcare centre will be able to accommodate about 40 children. It is estimated that the number of educators at this school will increase by about 25 members.