The Malta School of the Art was opened in 1926 at Casa Tessi (also known as Casa Brunet) in the lower part of Old Bakery Street at Valletta. The need for a restoration and major refurbishment of this palace has been felt for years. The FTS carried out an ambitious project to restore and refurbish the building. The project included the restoration of the entire building, both from the exterior and the interior, the replacement of the lighting and water systems, the opening of new rooms and learning spaces, the creation of a new library, new sanitary facilities, firefighting and safety devices. The project also included new furniture and specialised equipment for teaching different subjects in the art world. Like many other 18th Century buildings, this building had accessibility problems, particularly for wheelchair users. A lift was therefore installed and the levels were arranged on each floor. This old palace has been transformed into a modern arts teaching-learning space that respects the historical aspect. The project was carried out with an investment of around €5 million.