Uploaded on 13/10/2023

The Rabat Primary School, which was extensively refurbished by the FTS, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela in the presence of the Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation Dr Clifton Grima.

At Rabat, Malta, the primary school was located in two separate buildings. Through this project, the school was united in one building. This could be done by building a new floor over the whole school. The project also involved the re-construction of the old roofs within the building. This project was also intended to offer modern, accessible, and comfortable educational spaces for our children and educators. Therefore, the old building was extensively refurbished and transformed into a modern school suitable for today’s educational needs.

The new school has 33 classrooms, including classrooms for specific subjects such as art, music and Personal, Social and Career Development (PSCD). Ten classrooms are for kindergarten level. It also has an indoor gymnasium, outdoor recreation spaces, a multi-sensory room, an industrial kitchen, and a dining area for pupils that attend the ‘Breakfast Club’.

During his visit to the school, the Prime Minister noted the wonderful environment equipped with everything necessary in which these students are being given their education. In the words of the Prime Minister, this school is not only a place of formal learning, but a space that strengthens the skills of those children whose talents roam away from the curriculum. In fact, the new Rabat Primary School includes, among others, classrooms for art and music, a multi-sensory room, an indoor gym and all the resources that prepare students for the digital advancements.

Minister Dr Clifton Grima stressed that the investment at Rabat Primary School is translating into a top-level school equipped with everything necessary for today’s teaching-learning experience. He said that with such projects Government is regenerating the educational sector and that the current investment in education is unprecedented. Minister Grima said that this is a state-of-the-art project with which the pupils of the school have the best environment where they can get the best education possible.

The new school has a capacity of approximately 400 children and the project was carried out with a capital investment of approximately €3.5 million. The school welcomed its first pupils in September 2023.

Present for the inauguration were the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Mr Matthew Vella, the FTS Chairperson Dr Cory Greenland, the FTS Chief Executive Officer Dr Neville Young, the Principal of St. Nicholas College Ms. Josephine Mifsud, the Head of School Ms. Dorita Maniscalco, and the Mayor of Rabat Mr Sandro Craus.